Shanghai | Day 1: the train, the sidewalk, the lights

Shanghai | Day 1: the train, the sidewalk, the lights

22nd July

Ooh I'm blinded by the lights,

But I can't sleep until I feel the touch.

The train leaves early in the morning. All things frar from the station were blurred in a mist, revealing only the silhouttes. There were plenty of people on the train amid this pandemic, some traveling for bussiness, others for leisure or visiting relatives.

The train marches fat across the enormous plain of the East China, leaving rain drops flying horizontally across the window pane. And soon it would stop and turn into a cloudy weather, then sunny, and that was when I reached the destination.

Shanghai is a metropolitan: I am not saying this because everyone else does. They city is huge: crowded with people from all over the world. Yet its sidewalks seem a little too small: they are thin, narrow, as if the city doesn't want anyone to walk to places. Well, that might be true: after my staying in hometown for the last six months, diving into the crowd here seemed so unnatural, yet so real.

It was a hot summer's day. Sweat was dripping from me all over, as I finally managed to carry my luggage for five floors and arrive at my room to stay for the next week. The room was located in a very old building, so there was no elevator. The landlady was nice, helping me with registration and other trivial matters. They provided almost everything I would need in the room.

After a short nap, I set out to the East Nanjing Road, which is a famous shopping spot in Shanghai, only a 10-minute walk from my room. I ambled along the street, FaceTiming my friend, laughing as I browsed through all kinds of clothes.

The dinner was... only mediocre. A friend of mine, who interned there, recommended the place and joined me. Then we walked along the Outer Bund to see the city skyline at night: it was, without question, amazing. Shanghai is a night city. It reminds me of Cyberpunk 2077's Night City: the narrow pathways crowded with all kinds of people, the colorful, modern skyscrapers seeming out of reach, and finally, the light igniting them all. Colorful, shifting, bright lights: beams of light shoot from all over, as night becomes day and day becomes night, the only difference being the emerging sun.

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